Yinka Dene Alliance

Send Enbridge a message for its Annual General Meeting: It’s time to put an end to Northern Gateway

May 2014

On May 7, 2014, Jasmine Thomas of the Yinka Dene Alliance and a group of other delegates are attending Enbridge’s Annual General Meeting in Calgary to tell Enbridge face-to-face that it’s time to give up on its plan to put tar sands pipelines and tankers where they aren’t welcome. With the clock winding down on the federal government’s mid-June Enbridge decision deadline, she’ll be reminding shareholders that there is still time to put an end to this risky project and avoid further public opposition and legal conflict.

Will you add your voice to hers by sending a letter to Enbridge’s corporate board while they are meeting in Calgary?

Our goal is to achieve a thousand letters to Enbridge’s corporate board by the end of the week, letting  them know that citizens of all walks of life have pledged to stand with First Nations to “hold the wall” on stopping the Enbridge pipeline. Now more than ever it’s important to turn up the volume on the message that Enbridge’s pipelines and tankers project will not be built.