3 Signs You Need The Help Of A Seasoned Marriage Lawyer

When you’re dealing with the emotional turmoil that comes with the dissolution of a marriage, you need someone to think objectively on your behalf and act in your best interests.

If your spouse has filed divorce papers, you probably have two questions on your mind: Do I need to hire a divorce lawyer? What can a divorce lawyer help me with?

Typically, you could benefit from hiring a lawyer if you:

divorce proceedings

  1. Want a divorce.
  2. Your spouse hired a lawyer.
  3. You have children.
  4. Have marital assets that need protecting, and you are not exactly sure what your options are.

No matter how bad the marriage was, going through a divorce is tough. The emotional aspect of it can cloud your judgment or slow down the resolution.

Divorce attorneys protect your rights and interests as you go through this difficult period in your life.

Chances are, you and your spouse are unable to agree on a divorce settlement. Therefore, you are going to need a seasoned divorce attorney on your side.

If any of these sounds about right, it’s time to start looking at divorce attorneys:

You’re Under An Insane Amount Of Pressure And Stress.

A divorce will dissolve the legal partnership between you and your partner. The more complex your relationship with your partner, the more marital assets you have, and the bigger your family is, the more you need legal representation.

If you and your wife have assets and properties together such as savings, real estate, investments, retirement, business interests, you need a lawyer to divide those between you two.

If you have children who are still minors, you need to resolve child custody issues. The more disagreeable the partnership, the more likely you’ll both end up in court.

The need to provide financial support to your partner and children can also affect the complexity of your divorce.

You Want To Avoid Making Legal Mistakes, And You Don’t Know What Your Options Are.

divorce lawyerUnless you’ve gone through this at least a couple of times and know the legal system by heart, you can and will make mistakes.

If you choose to do it yourself, you can overlook issues such as education costs, tax issues, proper division of retirement assets, custody plan, debt allocation, and other concerns.

Divorce lawyers will ensure that you address all the issues in your divorce settlement and that you don’t overestimate or underestimate the value of an asset — which is where people usually make mistakes.

Mistakes in divorce proceedings are expensive and will require future legal proceedings to rectify. Some errors cause financial harm that you can regret in the future.

By hiring a divorce attorney, you can rest assured that your case is handled properly by a seasoned professional who knows what he is doing and makes sure your intent and wishes are correctly and accurately detailed in the divorce documents.

Only by doing so will the judge be able to hand down a decree that’s error-free and easy to enforce.

You Want A Speedy Resolution.

There is a myriad of forms necessary in divorce proceedings. It’s one thing to provide documentation and another thing to provide adequate information and complete paperwork.

If you go to court without legal counsel, you may find that any issues with the paperwork will cause delays in the court’s ruling.

The proceedings could go on and on. The sooner a ruling is handed down, the sooner you can move on from this painful chapter in your life.

Finalize the divorce as quickly as possible by hiring the best lawyer for your case.

Can You Divorce Without Hiring Divorce Lawyers?

If you were married for a couple of years and have no children, with assets amounting to less than $30,000, debt no more than $15,000, and are both agreeable to the settlement, the risks of divorcing without legal representation are much lower.

However, divorces are rarely that simple. Consulting with competent, experienced divorce lawyers provides access to a wealth of information that you would not have known otherwise. The legal knowledge ensures that your settlement will protect you well into the future.

If you ever feel tempted by the quick or cheap do-it-yourself divorces advertised, just be cautious for you might reach a settlement that you don’t fully understand.

Just to remind you, agreeing to something unknowingly will be very expensive to rectify in the future, after the divorce is final. And when you do have to rectify some legal documents, you will need to hire a lawyer anyway.

So why not have a professional divorce attorney handle your divorce proceedings early on?

Divorce attorneys will explain to you the legalese, so you understand what you are getting yourself into. They will also give you expert advice on the terms of your settlement, the proper division of assets, make sure you are taken care of not only now but well into the future.